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The Weekend Watch 8.30.13

It’s back. Enjoy and share : ) All time favorite female musician/singer…Sara Groves. Listen and be blessed! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Shared this earlier in the week in A Lesson on Layers but wanted to share again…because it’s THAT good: What Turns Out to be the Case – When Your Plans Don’t All Turn Out by Ann Voskamp … Continue reading

Weekend Watch 4.26.13

Back in action for your weekend entertainment…if you like what you see SHARE it! //////////////////////////////////////////////////// the usual read for Mom’s…this one is a good one! It’s Ok If You’re Not Enjoying Being a Mom This Week by Lisa-Jo Baker //////////////////////////////////////////////////// the story of a miracle that my husband witnessed in Africa Rain In The Desert … Continue reading

Weekend Watch 3.5.13

Happy April. A little bit of everything for your enjoyment…and remember if you like what you see or read SHARE it! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// in regards to some current politics (which I normally shy away from): 7 Questions for Christians About the Gay Marriage Debate  “We cannot see government as the ultimate decision-makers or ultimate law-makers. We … Continue reading

Weekend Watch 3.29.13

Celebrating my Savior’s resurrection this weekend. May you experience His power and love as you reflect on the incredible act of love He showed in His suffering and in conquering death. “God is not dead, He is surely alive!!” ///////////////////////////////////// “Sometimes knowing exactly where you are on your God-sized adventure helps. It’s not that you’re … Continue reading

Weekend Watch 3.22.13

In the News: Great article on Pope Francis “What the Pope Means for Evangelicals” found at relevantmagazine.com ///////////////////////// Our friend Victor is changing the way we think about education with Experience Institute. Check it Out: ///////////////////////// Who doesn’t love a Kid Weatherman? This one is the best: ///////////////////////// On challenging the church for radical change: … Continue reading