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Heartbeats, Heaven, and Hope…

It’s funny how real heaven becomes when you lose someone close to you. I grew up being taught that heaven is a real place and have believed that to be true my entire life however it wasn’t until I lost a child through miscarriage that heaven became absolutely real to me. I have thought a … Continue reading

Flashback Birthday Song

Bringing back a birthday song from a couple of years ago to celebrate James’s 32nd Birthday today! Haven’t they changed?!? Happy Birthday to the man of our house! The best husband, father, and friend we could ever ask for. We love you!

The Weekend Watch 8.30.13

It’s back. Enjoy and share : ) All time favorite female musician/singer…Sara Groves. Listen and be blessed! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Shared this earlier in the week in A Lesson on Layers but wanted to share again…because it’s THAT good: What Turns Out to be the Case – When Your Plans Don’t All Turn Out by Ann Voskamp … Continue reading

Weekend Watch 5.11.13

Since it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow: Now if that doesn’t encourage you then I’m not sure what will! Happy Mother’s Day, you are mighty! Also…here’s one for a laugh: