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basketball is over…or is it?

Well Saturday was the last “Brock” basketball game for the season as my older brother’s team (Columbia College) lost in the Quarterfinals of the NAIA National Championship Tournament in Kansas City. (Note: they ended with a 35-1 record which is incredible!) I love that my brother’s and I are so supportive of each other and … Continue reading

Celebrating the man of the house…

Happy Birthday to James! Last year I wrote a sweet post about him…you can read it HERE I’m going simple this year. If you know my incredible husband then you know he is one of the most loyal, kind, dedicated people in the world. If you don’t know my incredible husband then you are missing … Continue reading

Lovin’ the Lake

Having grandparents with a cabin on the lake is a pretty amazing luxury. Unfortunately we do not visit NEARLY as often as we would like to, but last weekend we were able to get away for a night and have some relaxation at the cabin…these are the memories I hope my girls remember for years … Continue reading

preschool prayers

My pastor shared once that he wakes up every morning and prays this prayer, “Not my will, but yours, Lord.” This morning I woke up to my oldest daughter’s first day of preschool and hundreds of questions were scurrying around in my head. We are so excited that we have an opportunity to send her … Continue reading