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The Weekend Watch 8.30.13

It’s back. Enjoy and share : ) All time favorite female musician/singer…Sara Groves. Listen and be blessed! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Shared this earlier in the week in A Lesson on Layers but wanted to share again…because it’s THAT good: What Turns Out to be the Case – When Your Plans Don’t All Turn Out by Ann Voskamp … Continue reading

Weekend Watch 4.26.13

Back in action for your weekend entertainment…if you like what you see SHARE it! //////////////////////////////////////////////////// the usual read for Mom’s…this one is a good one! It’s Ok If You’re Not Enjoying Being a Mom This Week by Lisa-Jo Baker //////////////////////////////////////////////////// the story of a miracle that my husband witnessed in Africa Rain In The Desert … Continue reading

Weekend Watch 3.5.13

Happy April. A little bit of everything for your enjoyment…and remember if you like what you see or read SHARE it! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// in regards to some current politics (which I normally shy away from): 7 Questions for Christians About the Gay Marriage Debate  “We cannot see government as the ultimate decision-makers or ultimate law-makers. We … Continue reading

Weekend Watch 3.22.13

In the News: Great article on Pope Francis “What the Pope Means for Evangelicals” found at relevantmagazine.com ///////////////////////// Our friend Victor is changing the way we think about education with Experience Institute. Check it Out: ///////////////////////// Who doesn’t love a Kid Weatherman? This one is the best: ///////////////////////// On challenging the church for radical change: … Continue reading

Weekend Watch 03.15.13

Happy Weekend…and for those of you coming back from incredible Spring Break adventures…hope they were nice. (No sarcasm at all…ok maybe a little bit) To Challenge the people pleaser inside each of us:  “You Can’t Make Everyone Happy” by Craig Groeschel via Relevant Magazine “Rather than living for an audience of one, I was acting for … Continue reading