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Flashback Birthday Song

Bringing back a birthday song from a couple of years ago to celebrate James’s 32nd Birthday today! Haven’t they changed?!? Happy Birthday to the man of our house! The best husband, father, and friend we could ever ask for. We love you! Advertisements

preschool prayers

My pastor shared once that he wakes up every morning and prays this prayer, “Not my will, but yours, Lord.” This morning I woke up to my oldest daughter’s first day of preschool and hundreds of questions were scurrying around in my head. We are so excited that we have an opportunity to send her … Continue reading

I said that.

Today has been one of those days where I’ve said things to one (or both) of my children and stopped and laughed because of what has just left my mouth…so I thought I’d share a short list… 1. Stop taking your pants off. 2. Stop licking the snot dripping from your nose. (gross.) 3. Your … Continue reading

Camping with Friends!

Picture this: Four adults. Two 3 year olds. Two 1 year olds. Two tents. A Lake. Three days. Two Nights. Camping. Scary right?!?! A couple of weeks ago we attempted what could have been a train wreck: camping with toddlers. Ok so it’s not THAT bad and many people have done it and have been … Continue reading