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three cool people.

Seriously. I know some pretty cool people. Which is good because knowing them makes me cool right?!? Ok so maybe not, but I can at least pretend and hope that someday I am as cool as the three people I’m about to introduce you to. Kari Bock //// Incredible Mom //// Fellow Pastor’s wife //// Proactive … Continue reading

Camping with Friends!

Picture this: Four adults. Two 3 year olds. Two 1 year olds. Two tents. A Lake. Three days. Two Nights. Camping. Scary right?!?! A couple of weeks ago we attempted what could have been a train wreck: camping with toddlers. Ok so it’s not THAT bad and many people have done it and have been … Continue reading

tea. basketball. snow.

Anabelle’s dear friend Isabelle (together known as “The Belle’s”) celebrated her  3rd birthday with a full-out tea party. Cream, sugar, tea, cupcakes…they had it all! They even made adorable sachet’s to keep their panty drawers smelling great : )         In February, my brothers’ teams played each other at Pitt State which … Continue reading

Hillbilly Paradise.

Free Silver Dollar City tickets? Yes, please! Our friends, the Champ’s (and yes I secretly wish that was my last name) offered us free tickets to SDC a few weeks ago and we could not pass them up. We had a great day spending time with their family (minus Isaiah who stayed home with a … Continue reading



This week we were able to enjoy time at home and time with friends, some new and some “old”. On Thursday morning  the girls and I had the pleasure of attending a staff wives’ swimming get together. I failed to take my camera so I did not get any pictures of the event but we … Continue reading