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That time we went to Columbia…

My mom once told me when I was younger that my brothers would be my best friends someday when we were older. She said this at a time when I was probably sad that my older brother wouldn’t let me tag along with his friends or when my younger brother had injured me downstairs in … Continue reading

3.2 billion

This is the number of people worldwide who have never heard the story of Jesus. My family is committed to seeing this number change, to seeing this number shrink. Will you help us by simply watching this video and sharing it on your Facebook, Personal Blog, Email, and Twitter??

Five years later…

Today I have been married to my best friend for FIVE years! What a blessing this adventure has been as we have gone from this… To this…. To this… To this… To this… To this… And we’ve continued to be cool through it all… Well…almost…. Wouldn’t trade the past five years for anything in the … Continue reading

Camping with Friends!

Picture this: Four adults. Two 3 year olds. Two 1 year olds. Two tents. A Lake. Three days. Two Nights. Camping. Scary right?!?! A couple of weeks ago we attempted what could have been a train wreck: camping with toddlers. Ok so it’s not THAT bad and many people have done it and have been … Continue reading