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New. New. New.

New. New. New.

So as you may have noticed I’m going with a new look for this phase of the blog. For those who may have wondered if I was still blogging…the answer is yes…well, kind of. I have a great desire to write often, post many pictures, and stay current. But…life tends to get in the way. … Continue reading

basketball is over…or is it?

Well Saturday was the last “Brock” basketball game for the season as my older brother’s team (Columbia College) lost in the Quarterfinals of the NAIA National Championship Tournament in Kansas City. (Note: they ended with a 35-1 record which is incredible!) I love that my brother’s and I are so supportive of each other and … Continue reading

Weekend Watch 03.15.13

Happy Weekend…and for those of you coming back from incredible Spring Break adventures…hope they were nice. (No sarcasm at all…ok maybe a little bit) To Challenge the people pleaser inside each of us:  “You Can’t Make Everyone Happy” by Craig Groeschel via Relevant Magazine “Rather than living for an audience of one, I was acting for … Continue reading

6th grade talent show…

When I was in 6th grade I decided to go all out for the talent show. You know what I’m talking about…my one chance in elementary school to show all my friends and teachers the coolest talent I coule come up with. It wasn’t a hard pick. Basketball. For three LOOOOOOONG minutes I did a … Continue reading

tea. basketball. snow.

Anabelle’s dear friend Isabelle (together known as “The Belle’s”) celebrated her  3rd birthday with a full-out tea party. Cream, sugar, tea, cupcakes…they had it all! They even made adorable sachet’s to keep their panty drawers smelling great : )         In February, my brothers’ teams played each other at Pitt State which … Continue reading