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break every chain…Africa 2012

Watch this video:   p.s. James made the video…doesn’t my husband do AMAZING work?? Proud of him. We are so amazed at how God is growing and using his parent’s ministry, School to the Nations. Did you catch that part at the end?? 164 salvations! In a world that is so full of darkness. James … Continue reading

what have we been up to??

It is January 24th. I have no idea how this month is already nearly over. So instead of writing 10 blogs about what we did this month…I will recap with some pictures. They are way more enjoyable than words anyway, right???

lessons learned…

My husband just recently returned from a 16 day trip to Africa. We are so amazed that the Lord continues to allow us to be a part of what He is doing globally and hope that we always are connected to this community in West Africa. Now for honesty: it was a long 16 days … Continue reading

bon voyage.

bon voyage.

We said goodbye to James for 16 days this morning. He and a group of nine other people with School to the Nations will be in Africa working with a people group in desperate need of Jesus. I realized after he left that the pictures from Christmas are on the computer he took with him, … Continue reading