A Lesson on Layers.

It has been one of those days. One of those days where truth is seeping out from unexpected places. You see, for the past seven months I have been walking through a valley. Without going into detail, it was as if I was a Russian nesting doll. As you open each doll you find another … Continue reading

New. New. New.

New. New. New.

So as you may have noticed I’m going with a new look for this phase of the blog. For those who may have wondered if I was still blogging…the answer is yes…well, kind of. I have a great desire to write often, post many pictures, and stay current. But…life tends to get in the way. … Continue reading

Weekend Watch 5.11.13

Since it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow: Now if that doesn’t encourage you then I’m not sure what will! Happy Mother’s Day, you are mighty! Also…here’s one for a laugh:

Weekend Watch 4.26.13

Back in action for your weekend entertainment…if you like what you see SHARE it! //////////////////////////////////////////////////// the usual read for Mom’s…this one is a good one! It’s Ok If You’re Not Enjoying Being a Mom This Week by Lisa-Jo Baker //////////////////////////////////////////////////// the story of a miracle that my husband witnessed in Africa Rain In The Desert … Continue reading