The Weekend Watch 8.30.13

It’s back. Enjoy and share : )

All time favorite female musician/singer…Sara Groves. Listen and be blessed!


Shared this earlier in the week in A Lesson on Layers but wanted to share again…because it’s THAT good:

What Turns Out to be the Case – When Your Plans Don’t All Turn Out by Ann Voskamp

“When we drive by the Mennonite neighbors on the way to Sunday morning service, I make a genuine Everest attempt to not look at Mrs. Martin’s rows of full-bloomed lavatera lustfully. Turns out that someday after you turn 40 or read the Sermon on the Mount for the 378th time, you wake up and get it: Envying someone else’s life doesn’t make your life better like actually enjoying your own does.”


If you don’t read Jen Hatmaker’s blog you probably should add it to your list…this post had me in tears from laughter:

A Fake Film Crew, Armpit Paste, and Spilled Bear: A Day in the Life by Jen Hatmaker

“Just once, I’d like to have a normal day. Why does everything have to get jacked in this family so often?Do the rest of you just plan your days and all the elements behave accordingly? Because that is the opposite of my life.”


 And to make you laugh…there’s this:


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