New. New. New.

So as you may have noticed I’m going with a new look for this phase of the blog. For those who may have wondered if I was still blogging…the answer is yes…well, kind of.

I have a great desire to write often, post many pictures, and stay current. But…life tends to get in the way. Imagine that right?!? So for now I’m going one day at a time and hope to get back in a routine at some point. We have so much NEW going on at our house! Here is a quick bullet point review of new:

  • James is now in a new position at RBC. Just recently he moved into the Young Adults/Missions Pastor position which we are SUPER excited about. Those who know us know that we have a deep calling towards missions and moving in this direction is HUGE for our family. Sad to leave our sweet students in the student ministry but we know that this step is definitely the best direction for our family.
  • Anabelle has officially started Homeschool. We will do two years of Kindergarten and take this year nice and slow. She was so eager to begin school! We found an incredible community to join in Nixa called Classical Conversations and so far we are loving it. (More on this later…)
  • Mya is THREE! At the end of July we celebrated my baby’s third birthday. I cannot believe that it has been three years! She talks non-stop, loves her big sister to pieces, and loves anything duck related. We had a great celebration with friends and family!
  • My coaching position has changed. I no longer am coaching at CHS, and instead have the amazing chance to coach an AAU girls basketball team with the same organization that I played with growing up, the MO Valley Magic. We had a very successful summer season including a 4th in the nation finish at Nationals in Virginia.
  • We are awaiting the arrival of our FIRST niece in November! We are so excited that my brother and sister-in-law are expecting a sweet baby girl…and my girls are super stoked for a new cousin.

Well I know there is much more to say but I’ll save that for another day. Look for the return of Weekend Watch on Friday and possibly a homeschool update sometime this week…

A&M 2013


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