Weekend Watch 3.5.13

Happy April. A little bit of everything for your enjoyment…and remember if you like what you see or read SHARE it!


in regards to some current politics (which I normally shy away from):

7 Questions for Christians About the Gay Marriage Debate 

“We cannot see government as the ultimate decision-makers or ultimate law-makers. We live in a monarchy, and our King is perfect. Put more faith in Him than in the Supreme Court or any other governmental body.”

from Relevant Magazine


in hopes to make you laugh:

*beware at the end she does end with a not-so-nice word*


in order to shed some light on homeschooling:

18 Reasons Why Doctors and Lawyers Homeschool Their Children

by Kathleen Berchelmann, M.D.

“Homeschooling isn’t right for every family or every child.  I can’t even predict what the future holds for our family—will we continue homeschooling through high school?  I don’t know.  But for now, we’ve found a way for our family to be very happy growing and learning together.”


 in bringing awareness to adoption:

watch this video about our friends the Ogden’s who are adopting a son from Ethiopia…

Call2Mercy from Kelly Hunter on Vimeo.


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