oh the whining…thoughts on high-pitched voices and God.

“I need a Kleenex!”

“Scoot me up!”

“My blankets are not right!.”

My sweet, precious two year old has seemed to enter into a phase of whining. Instead of asking for something like a mature toddler  should, she choses instead to whine and not just once but she will continue to repeat her request until someone has reacted to her plea (probably the reason she continues to do it, but that’s for another post!). At dinner a few nights ago I realized that just like I cringe every time she asks for a Kleenex in that high-pitched voice God must cringe at the tone I use when I ask Him for something at times.

Face it, we all have whined when it comes to wanting things from God. Now whether it was a verbal whine or an internal heart whine in my book they are one in the same and they tell you something about your trust in God.

When a chid whines for something it could be that they do not trust that their request will be met and so they decide that whining is a better option. Therefore according to Abi’s Kid Philosophy, whining means doubt. Doubt that Mommy will actually get up from her chair to get a Kleenex, doubt that anyone will hear me and respond to my needs. Now, in our case my child may have valid reason to whine about a Kleenex because more than once I have looked up from a book or the computer to tell her to wipe it on her shirt or that we’ll get one later. Trust me, it doesn’t work for kids and thankfully it is not how God responds to us!

Whining to God comes in different forms, but it is all rooted in a distrust that God will do what He promises. It is almost as if we think if we whine enough, if we ask enough, if we give enough reason then He will act according to what we think is His plan. Sound familiar?

So let’s make a pact. STOP whining. Instead trust that when you make a request before God He hears you and wants the best for your life. This may or may not mean a “yes” answer but I promise you it will mean the BEST for you. Sounds good right?

Unlike me, God gets up from His chair before we even ask for that Kleenex and you can bet on that. Fortunately He does not tell us to wipe our noses on our shirts…which is gross. What kind of mom would do that?

Now, any suggestions on tackling the de-whining that needs to happen at our house? I’m desperate…


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