Unchanging Hands

Many things around me have seemed completely outside of my control recently. The election. Heart attacks. Divorce. Abortions. Rebellion. All of these things have affected people in my circle of influence over the past month, and my heart is broken for each person in each of these situations. I woke up today overwhelmed with all that I cannot control. The future is foggy sometimes…

One of my favorite writers/bloggers these days is Ann Voskamp. I came across this on her blog and it immediately grabbed my attention. This is my life on a daily basis…


Trusting life to an unchanging God is the only way that all that I cannot control will become something beautiful. In His hands all of this pain becomes the story of His healing and redemption. In His hands our country will be all that it was created to be. In His hands my worries and fears become steps to a summit of peace.

In. His. Hands.

In His hands all nations will come to know Him as King. In His hands my children will become world changers. In His hands my family will be safe. In His hands we will always have enough. In His hands the mourning mother will find rest. In His hands a 20% chance of survival is meaningless. In His hands broken homes find reconciliation.

Today I am resting in His hands. I pray the same for you. Resting in the hands of an unchanging God is the only assurance we can truly rely on. It must become less about me and more about Him.

“He must become greater; I must become less.” -John 3:30 (NIV)



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