in case you were wondering…

Not that any of you were wondering where I have been recently, but just in case you were here is my lame excuse as to why this has happened:

Too busy.

Lame right?!? I’m sorry if my lack of blogging has left you empty and wondering what in the world was happening with the Copeland’s. Well have no fear I have a few updates on each of us to satisfy your curiosity and help me not feel like the world’s worst blogger…

James: Turned 31 this month. Super busy with school (he’ll be done in May!). Finished the Tough Mudder (injury free!) with some of his friends…all of whom are insane. Used his birthday money to buy a new guitar pedal which made him giddy. Crazy busy at church but that is a good thing! We have seen the college group at RBC grow in the past few months which is encouraging! Oh and just in case you were wondering, he is still cool even though he’s 31.

Abi: Finally finished all 8 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy only to find out that now there is a 9th. Enjoying substitute teaching now and then in Springfield. Started a new basketball season, looking foward to possibly winning ONE JV game this year! Hosted a few teenage girls for a sleepover…and survived! Went to a women’s retreat and learned to play Hand & Foot. Has triumphed as “schedule master” of the Copeland Household thus far. Oh and she’s still in her 20s so of course she is still cool.

Anabelle: Thoroughly enjoying Preschool. Has started sounding out letters and beginning to read some words. Continues to absolutely enjoy taking ballet class, where she is learning from some incredible professional ballerinas (her mom is learning a lot as well!) Says that her favorite thing to do is play with her friends and go to church. Enjoys doing her “fancy pose” (see picture for a visual).

Mya: Talks a mile a minute and is absolutely hilarious. Recently had a topple down some stairs and had a shiner that lasted for THREE weeks! Enjoyed her first Apple Butter Making Days experience where her toy of choice was a push-a-long wooden duck, named Floppy. Enjoys dressing up and attending ballet only this class is at home and is taught by her older sister…not quite the same. Says her favorite thing to do is play with Anabelle.

The Copeland’s in a nutshell. Hope you enjoy! I hope to do better in the near future with writing more, but no promises…it’s basketball season!

p.s. no current photo of me could be found…maybe I need to take more self-portraits.


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