That time we went to Columbia…

My mom once told me when I was younger that my brothers would be my best friends someday when we were older. She said this at a time when I was probably sad that my older brother wouldn’t let me tag along with his friends or when my younger brother had injured me downstairs in the middle of one of his NCAA “imaginary” Nerf Basketball Tournaments (don’t ask!).  Yeah right, I thought, these guys don’t want to be my friend, I’m the annoying sister and always will be! All this to say, I am so blessed that my brothers and I have great relationships now that we are all grown up. We don’t talk every day, or every week, but they are there for me in a minute if I need them and they still play a protective role in my life despite the fact that I am married : )

We recently had the chance to drive up to Columbia to visit my older brother, Matt and his sweet wife, Sheryl. We had a BLAST!!!! They were the best hosts and even let me and James have a little time to ourselves while they watched the girls…er…I mean played Prince and Princess with the girls. (I never knew my brother had such a distinguished Prince voice!) Sheryl had welcome goodies for the girls when we arrived…which automatically won them over on Columbia, Anabelle has asked to go back NUMEROUS times!

We also were able to see a high school friend, one of our former students, and family from Virginia which made the trip even better!

Here are some snapshots of our weekend…SO BLESSED to have such incredible family!

Playing with Uncle Matt at his gym @ Columbia College

Love this : ) She LOVES him!

Aunt Sheryl chasing Mya

Um…no words to describe the happiness!

Swinging at Stephens Lake…we LOVED this park!

She told us she was kind of grumpy and needed to sit out…

The Brock/Copeland Walk

Buddies : )

Matt and Sheryl…our wonderful hosts!

The Copelands @ Stephens Lake

Uncle Tim and Aunt Cindy from Virginia were in town for the MU game!

Matt and James at the Mizzou vs. Georgia game

The girls ready for church with their Aunt and Uncle…

So glad that my mom was right…my brothers are pretty great : )


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