preschool prayers

My pastor shared once that he wakes up every morning and prays this prayer,
“Not my will, but yours, Lord.”


This morning I woke up to my oldest daughter’s first day of preschool and hundreds of questions were scurrying around in my head. We are so excited that we have an opportunity to send her to a preschool (2 days a week) where she will meet new friends, learn simple things like how to stay in line, encounter challenges, and most importantly learn about her Creator in new ways. After much prayer and consideration we decided this was a great chance for our little social butterfly and look forward to seeing how she develops from this experience.

BUT, I am a mom, and mom’s tend to over-think things don’t we?

Will she stay with her class or want to visit Daddy in his office all the time? (It’s in the same building) Will she know how to open her lunch and eat it without being hounded by me for half an hour? Will she remember to use the bathroom or be so engrossed in new things that she’ll forget? Will she behave? Will she listen? Will she learn words that need not be repeated? The list goes on and on and on…

This morning I was reminded of my pastor’s prayer. This prayer was originally spoken by a man named Jesus, prior to His death on a cross for all mankind. He faced the worst, yet He prayed:

“Not my will, but yours, Lord.”

Of course if my will was the way of life my daughter would excel, have a blast, be a teacher’s pet, and love every second of it. But that is mywill, and my will tends to be a walk down easy-street.

So much to say about this…yes Mya has coffee (mine) and yes Anabelle is posing.

When we ask for God’s will in a situation, those words carry weight. We are not asking for the easiest way. We are not asking for the most comfortable way. We are not even asking for the most LOGICAL way. We are asking for HIS WAY.

As I voiced this prayer out-loud this morning, I found myself stopping and realizing what I was asking. “Lord may your will be done in Anabelle’s preschool experience, not mine.” His will very well may be easy, it may be simple, and it may be smooth sailing. Or His will may take time do develop, it may take adjusting, it may even take failure. Am I ok with both outcomes?

I pray that I can answer, YES! His will, no matter how easy or hard, is what I want for my children. For my family. His will is, “good, pleasing, and perfect…” (Rmns. 12:2) not always easy, simple, and logical. His will is the best thing for my girls, and because I know this to be true in my own life, my prayer for my children’s life will always be:

“Not my will, but yours, Lord.”

Backpack buddies walking into Preschool


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