Two years ago today…

Two years ago today I looked like this: 

The plump belly was well worth it because two years ago today we met this sweet baby:

Mya Lynn Copeland 07/30/10

Two years ago we met one of most joyful, hilarious, sweet little girls ever to walk the earth. Hard to believe that two years have passed. She has grown, she has learned, she has realized that a sister is more than a sister, but a best friend forever:









She is goofy.







She is silly.







She is fun.




Did I mention silly?







The best part about Mya Lynn, is that she is not wholly ours. She is wholly God’s Child. What a privilege to know that we have been entrusted to care for and raise up this little lady to become a woman who changes the world around her. (And I believe she will!)

Two years ago today July 30th went from being just another day, to being a day of celebration forever.

Happy 2nd Birthday Mya Lynn!!!


One thought on “Two years ago today…

  1. Abi, this is a beautiful way to celebrate a very special little girl’s birthday. She is truly a gift.

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