Anabelle’s Top Ten: Summer Jams

Hello readers of my Mommy’s blog, I’m Anabelle. I like to dress up. I like pink. I like ice cream. I also enjoy lining things up in a straight line. Oh, and I’m three, but when I’m four I’ll be bigger.

My mommy lets me listen to music a lot. I like to dance. When I get bigger I’m going to be a ballerina. Did I mention I like pink? It’s my favorite. Red is my next favorite. Then purple, then orange, then green, then yellow. I like pink best. Have you read Pinkalicious? It’s a good book, I’ve read it about 521 times.

Here are my favorite 10 songs that I listen to. On a hot summer day, I like to eat watermelon and listen to these songs. (I also like popsicles…and pink…preferably pink popsicles if possible) I’m dancing right now.

Anabelle’s 10 Ten Summer Jams: (in order of times played this summer…)

1. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies – Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Christmas time or not, I’ll be dancing to this tune all year long
2. Good Morning – Mandisa
Thanks to Grammie for introducing this “get stuck in your head forever” song to me…
3. Saints – Little Legend
My Uncle Joe’s band. I like Little Legend. They are going to play for my birthday party some day…Mommy says I have to wait until I’m at least 21.
4. One Thing Remains – Jesus Culture  
My favorite worship song right now. Jesus’ love never fails and never gives up on me.
5. My Favorite Things – Sound of Music
One day I’m going to write a song like this on my own…it will include my favorite things: pink, ballerinas, and dancing.  
6.  The Fox – Nickel Creek
We listen to a lot of Bluegrass around here…this song is funny …but Mommy says I don’t understand the lyrics yet…especially the part where the fox tells the ducks they are going to grease his chin. Maybe when I’m older…
7. The Chieftains Reunion – The Chieftains
A dip into my Irish roots… 
8. Hairbrush – VeggieTales
Turns out my Mom used to listen to this one too…it’s a classic! 
9. Mares Eat Oats – Unknown Artist
Apparently this one goes way back as well…we sing it before nap time. Mya thinks she knows the words but she doesn’t…
10. Move – Mercy Me
Can’t help but dance to this upbeat jam…one time my Poppie danced with me…he’s got moves for a Grandpa. 

***Disclaimer: Anabelle did not write this. It is a simple interpretation of her thoughts and preferences when it comes to music. Stay tuned for the next installment of Anabelle’s Top Ten where Anabelle lists her top ten ballet moves. A must read for sure…


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