three cool people.

Seriously. I know some pretty cool people. Which is good because knowing them makes me cool right?!? Ok so maybe not, but I can at least pretend and hope that someday I am as cool as the three people I’m about to introduce you to.

Kari Bock //// Incredible Mom //// Fellow Pastor’s wife //// Proactive parent ////True friend

I met Kari nearly for the first time nearly two years ago when we were at a previous church and James and Nate (her husband) decided to do a Wednesday night joint service for our youth group and theirs. She was there with little Liam, who was just a few months old at the time and I was super round (or as Kari would say HUGE!) waiting for Mya Lynn’s arrival. Little did I know that later that year we would be transitioning to RBC and start serving together with Nate and Kari. She has been a blessing to me, not just because she was a friend when I needed one, but because she is an incredible mother. Her oldest son, Landon, has Fragile X Syndrome and because of this she has had to take on more than many mothers have to face, a child with special needs. She is educated, she is informed, she is incredibly proactive, and she is invested in helping Landon become the incredible man that God created him to be. Visit her blog: for more on their story and for more proof of how cool she is. Seriously, she’s really cool.

Victor Sadd //// LeapYear Project //// Dreamer //// Visionary //// Inspiration

You have heard me talk about the LeapYear Project a lot throughout this year and it’s only because it is something that I believe in and something that I believe can inspire change across the world. You should hear some of the leaps that are happening RIGHT now. People are writing books, traveling the world, advocating for the poor, raising money, spending more time with family, and so much more. All because one guy had an idea. Victor is one of those people who makes you feel important when he talks to you. He didn’t  just sit back and talk about changing the world, he IS changing the world. He is spending 12 months learning what it takes to truly create change. A different experience every month all adding to his story. What an incredible story. I think if all of us copied his enthusiasm and passion for what God has put in his heart, we would see a lot more change and a lot less pain in the world around us. Check out his story here: Victor’s Story 

Stephanie Hagen //// Artist //// Blogger //// Lover of children //// Passionate soul

Even though Stephanie and I live miles and miles away and really only communicate now and then through online mediums (blogs, facebook, twitter, ect.). I absolutely love this girl’s heart. We were friends WAY back in the day in Camdenton, actually I had a large crush on her older brother for a while in 6th grade, but that never went anywhere :-/ She married her high school sweetheart and they live in Nashville. I came across her blog a few years ago and it quickly became one of my favorites. This girl has passion. Her story is incredible. She is super creative. Most of all she has a heart for children unlike any other. She recently returned from a trip to Haiti where she spent time loving orphans. Seeing her pictures and reading her thoughts from her time there challenged me to spend my life loving those without love. Take some time and read her story on her blog: HumanMadLib. Trust me, she is cool.


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