Camping with Friends!

Picture this: Four adults. Two 3 year olds. Two 1 year olds. Two tents. A Lake. Three days. Two Nights. Camping.

Scary right?!?!

A couple of weeks ago we attempted what could have been a train wreck: camping with toddlers. Ok so it’s not THAT bad and many people have done it and have been successful. When our friends Heidi and Joel asked us to go with them (kids included) we were excited for our first family camp out. We had no idea what to expect, but figured since we were in it together with two toddlers each, it was bound to be fun…right?!?!

Outside of complete exhaustion it was a SUPER successful trip. (Not one band-aid was needed!!) Between the two families we had Heidi – an ER nurse, James – boy scout extraordinaire, Joel – the fire master, and then there was me…and I really had nothing to give considering camping has never really been my thing, but I did what I could. The kids had a blast playing and enjoying the outdoors and “kind of” slept at night. Ok so the first night not so much but the second night the exhaustion set in and they passed out pretty quickly. We enjoyed the time with good friends, great conversations, and too many laughs to count. Thankful for friends who are raising their kids in the same way we are…looking forward to many camping trips in the future!!

What is a camping trip with toddler without pictures???

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