thirty years.

My parents are pretty incredible. For 30 years they have built a marriage. For 30 years they have built a family. For 30 years they have taught their three children what truly matters in life. God, family, and loving others.

Thirty years ago today, was their wedding day. The beginning of a covenant. The beginning of a family that has impacted countless people’s lives. The start of something that only God knew would bloom into an incredible picture of His love and provision.

Although I have only been alive for 27 of the past thirty years and there are many things that I have not seen or known, here are some things I do know:

My parents love God. Memories of waking up to see my mom sitting in the same spot reading her Bible, and car rides to school when we were young when my dad would blast Steven Curtis Chapman on the radio. (K-I-N-G of the J-U-N-G-L-E)

My parents love their children. Seen in the countless hours spent in basketball gyms across the country watching us reach our goal of playing college basketball and the intimate moments spent in family devotions when we were young.

My parents love other people. Evident in the way they have taken in teenagers over the years who needed a place to stay, and mentored, tutored, or just listened to the hurting hearts of those without parents themselves.

My parents love each other. Remembering times when we were grossed out when they kissed in the kitchen in front of us as kids or the way they stood by each other when times were rough.

The older I get the more I realize that not many people can say these things about their parents. Or maybe they say them, only wishing it could be true. I could not be prouder of my mom and dad. There was a time when I wondered if we were a weird family. I saw other friends’ parents getting divorced, the pain and stress of an unhealthy home-life, and wondered if we were the odd-balls. My family is close and to some that is weird. We are involved in each other’s lives whether it’s a new job, an upcoming trip, a disappointment, or an exciting new adventure, we have each other’s backs and rejoice over every victory…big or small. This is unique.

Thanks mom and dad for creating a home where we learned to love God, to love learning, and to love others. Thank you for teaching us that friendships with our siblings would be the most important friendships we would have. Thank you for showing us what covenant marriage looks like. May your three children be a blessing to you as we ourselves start families and carry on the legacy you have instilled in each of us.

Happy 30th Anniversary. Just as happy now as you were then…but with much better taste in clothing and hairstyles.


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