real life three year old: jump in the pit

Dear Anabelle,

For eight weeks you have been taking gymnastics. You are so excited each morning when I tell you that it’s gymnastics day, you pick out your leotard and talk about what you’re going to do during class. For you it’s 70% social and 30% gymnastics!

To be honest, you’re not the most coordinated three year old in the world. You try REALLY hard and attempt everything, but your legs and arms don’t always work together resulting in some cute little tumbles and falls.

It has been hard for me to sit and watch you try, fail, and then try again. You look over at me when you’re having a hard time and all I have to do is smile at you and you’re back on the balance beam to try again. The Brock competitiveness comes out in me during your class…I want you to be the best…and it takes everything inside to not jump out of the bleachers and coach you myself!

Until last week there was one thing that you would not attempt. The pit. The big pit full of foam. The simple command, “jump in the pit” caused you to tense up. Until last week you had to hold your coach’s hand in order to jump in. But then I saw you grow-up. You stepped up to the edge and you jumped, all by yourself. Some people might think this is no big deal, but it is huge, and it taught your Mom an important lesson!

You will grow up on your own. As much as I push or force you to master a new skill, inevitably you will do it at your own pace, in your own way. I have to let you jump in the pit. I have to let you hold your coach’s hand until you’re ready to do it on your own. Why? The enormous smile plastered across your face when you climbed out after your first solo flight is why. A genuine, proud-of-yourself, smile from ear-to-ear. I cannot create that smile, no matter how hard I push and pull.

Thank you for teaching me that I need to let go sometimes. You are becoming an amazing little girl, and even though we may be discovering that gymnastics is not your “thing” I am learning so much about you by watching you learn to take risks and jump into the pit.

I love you…always and forever,



One thought on “real life three year old: jump in the pit

  1. Oh, letting go never ends…I had to do it just this last Saturday after your race – when what I wanted to do was take you home and take care of you, making sure you were alright. But I was reminded to continue to trust the LORD to do that, He’s done a good job so far 🙂

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