may twenty-first. remember.

One year ago today I was sitting in the field in front of our house with staff and volunteers from School to the Nations. I had just celebrated my younger brother’s college graduation. 

One year ago today my husband received a call that our dear friend Grace had gone to be with the Lord as a result of a car accident. Shock set in and for the rest of the evening we sat in disbelief.

On that same day after a picture of the girls with Great-Grandparents in front of our house we said a usual goodbye to Grandpa Jim (below in the khaki hat) not knowing that this was the last goodbye we would say to him here on earth. A few short weeks later he also went to be with the Lord…

May 21 is a day that reminds me how fragile life is. It reminds me how blessed I am. This day reminds me that God is Sovereign. His timing is perfect. (Even if we don’t understand it) God reminds us in the book of Isaiah, “I don’t think the way you think, the way I work isn’t the way you work…”

One year ago today was the beginning of a summer of goodbyes. Looking back over the past year I have seen how passionately Grace lived life because of her impact after death. I have seen my family grow closer through sadness and come out stronger on the other side. Even though some days are tough and the sadness pops up out of nowhere, a legacy never dies and is being lived out in the lives of those that he loved the most.

Ladybugs have become dear to our heart. My girls know that when we see a ladybug we think of Grandpa Jim. I love that they have this memory.


One year ago today was a day of celebration, shock, sadness, and goodbyes. Truly a day that will not be forgotten.


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