A story worth sharing…

If you are going to share one thing today on Facebook…on Twitter…on your blog…or (gasp) in an actually face-to-face conversation with a friend, let it be this:

James recently led a team of college students to NYC for a Spring Break mission trip. They spent most of their time there walking the streets in Queens, the Bronx, and Harlem talking to West Africans who now live in NYC. Although they didn’t have a chance to lead anyone to Christ while they were there, they planted plenty of seeds. One seed in particular that has changed one man’s life. The following is a story that the missionary living in NYC included in his last newsletter. (The West African Outreach volunteer he talks about was one of our team members!)

When Faith Hospitalizes Your Parents.   (by Chris Clayman) 
“Very interested,” is what the West Africa Outreach volunteers wrote on a piece of paper concerning O., a Senegalese man in Brooklyn. We have had quite a few volunteer groups recently passing out gospel resources in African languages, praying with Africans, and sharing the gospel with them on the street. I have been telling them to be very focused in finding people who want to continue hearing about the gospel and they claimed they found someone in O. Kyle–a new colleague working among Senegalese in NYC–and I went to visit O. shortly after hearing this report and were amazed at how clear O. understood the gospel as we shared it with him again. Shortly after, O. expressed his desire to follow Christ–perhaps the first one in his ethnic group in NYC to do so. Within a few days, O. had already shared his decision with his family in Senegal and began to realize the magnitude of his decision. His mother was hospitalized after being so distraught from hearing the news, his brothers began calling him to pressure him not to make this decision, and his cousin called his roommate to look after O., because he “could be going crazy.” O. was having trouble sleeping as a result of all the stress and felt the incredible burden of such a decision. Perhaps wisely, O. agreed with his family that he would not rush into the decision but respectfully study the Qur’an at his family’s request. However, O. was adamant with his family that he would study and know the way of Christ, even if it went against their desires. “My people,” he said, “have a problem. They care about tradition too much. They will follow it even if it is not the right way. Why do they have to be like this?” Kyle has been meeting with O. every couple of days and has been encouraged with O.’s understanding and growth, especially when he hears O. saying things like, “There is power in this message,” and, “Forgiveness is the cure for the sickness inside us.” When Kyle pointed out God’s desire that all peoples know Christ, that very few of O.’s people know Christ, and that perhaps God wants to save O. in order to bring the gospel to his people,” O. pensively stared off in the distance then said, “I don’t know one person in my people group who is Christian….but they are very influential. They are spread throughout all of Africa.” Pray that God will confirm this faith in Christ in O. and that he would be used to spread the gospel to his people “and throughout all of Africa.”
To learn more about what is happening in NYC find them on twitter at @ethNYcity

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