my children are not my own…

The news can be scary. A five year old girl (who was deaf) runs into the street and is struck by a car, she doesn’t survive. A 1 year old girl is killed in a driveway after a car backed over her. A few days ago I watched as two small children were put on stretchers and into an ambulance after a car accident a mile from our house. Scary stuff.

Immediately, like most mothers, my mind goes to, “What if that were my daughter?” And then to, “Ah! The poor mothers of these children…” And then to, “My children are never going outside again.” See how that progresses? I doubt that I am the only mom who goes down this road when stories like this happen (especially in clusters…all of these stories happened within the last three days.) We want to protect our children. We want them to be safe. We want them to experience life. I want mine to fall in love with their Creator. Their Creator. I didn’t create them. Yes, I carried them for 9 months, labored to deliver them, nursed them, and care for them every day, but I did not create them.

My children are not my own. They are His. 

They have a Father who is in control. Not just in control of their lives, but of all things, all people, everything. (insert sigh of relief) I recently asked my husband if he thought I was an uptight parent…mostly because I won’t let my 3 year old and 1 year old outside by themselves…even though we live in the country. (We know people who are totally ok with this…) I find it hard to find the balance between being a wise parent and being paranoid. There are million of things to be paranoid about right? Today’s culture is insane and if we don’t protect our kids they could grow up with some pretty crazy ideas about the world, themselves, and those around them. At the same time, our kids need to discover the world themselves at times. Keeping them inside due to a tornado warning is one thing. Keeping them inside because you’re afraid there are snakes in the yard is completely different. A total Wisdom vs. Fear deal.

My children are not my own. They are His. Give them up. 

On Sunday morning during our student small groups, a question was asked, “What is the most important decision you make every day?” So, I’m asking you, if you are a mom, what is the most important decision you make every day, as a mom? My list:

1. Waking up. (Without this decision it would be chaos for sure…)
2. Making my girls change out of their PJ’s
3. Feeding my children. 
4. Reading books to the girls.
5. Making them brush their teeth. 

There are so many decisions we make about our children on a daily basis, but for me the most important decision I make is when I say this: “They are yours Lord, not mine. You are in control.” Life is scary, I want my kids to be safe, but worry is not the answer. Being paranoid and overprotective is exhausting. Trust me, I’ve tried it.

Our children are not our own. They are His. Give them up. Trust Him. 


2 thoughts on “my children are not my own…

  1. Abi – you are a very wise young woman. I always enjoy reading the thoughts you write here. Seems to me that you have an excellent grasp on what it takes to be a great mom. Knowing that God is in control is the best answer. By the way, I’m a friend of Grandma Pat. She sent me a link to your blog so I could see your precious daughters. Blessings!

  2. I definitely understand…I can not count how many times I read Hannah’s story which helped me to loosen my grip on my children, entrusting them into the hands of their Father. However, continue to go outside with those babies…!:)

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