Real Life: maybe?

A few weeks ago, while at dinner, Anabelle asked James if she could have a treat after dinner and he responded, “maybe, we’ll see.” She responded, “Daddy, how ’bout you think about it and tell me if I can in a little while…”

Isn’t this how we react in life sometimes? We ask God for something, we don’t get the answer we want, so we basically tell him, “Ok, well how ’bout you think about it and get back to me…” When really our response should be, “Whatever you want, Lord. You know what’s best.” Just like we, as parents, know what is best for our girls, God knows what is best for us. When He shows us that something is not the BEST thing for us, then we need to trust.  When he stops something that appears to be good, we need to trust. He has a plan, and unless we give up and trust Him, we may never truly experience the blessings He has for us, both now and in the future.

Accept what God has for you now, because believe it or not, He wants the BEST for you.


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