Intersections force us to make a choice. We come to a point where we either choose to continue in the same direction or change directions. It’s one or the other, we cannot stay at the intersection forever. We cannot NOT choose. The choice we make determines where we go next. It determines whether we eat at McDonald’s or Chic-Fil-A. It determines whether we go home or to Wal-Mart. Our choice at an intersection affects not just us, but those around us. Have you ever been at a 4-way stop and waited on someone to make a decision? Maybe you’ve even honked at the indecisive driver, in hopes that it will inspire a decision…and fast!

In thinking about intersections, what about our intersections with people? Our Pastor recently spoke on these relational intersections. Some might call them coincedences, others, God-appointed opportunities. You see, God brings us to intersections on a daily basis. At these points we have a choice to make. Much like an intersection in a road, each of these intersections look different. Maybe the cashier at Wal-Mart comments on your rarely seen patience, this is an intersection. Maybe the worship song you have set as your ringtone, draws attention from a friend who is unsaved. Or maybe your child spontaneously bursting out in Jesus Loves Me at a family gathering, sparks a conversation with a relative who has never had interest in talking about Jesus, this is an intersection. It is at these intersections that we have a choice to continue in the same direction and pass by an opportunity to offer someone a new direction, or make a turn and offer hope to someone without it.

Look around you. Are you at an intersection? Think about the different encounters you have had recently. For me, it has been with one of my basketball girls. This girl has it rough. The drama and chaos in her life far exceed what any teenage girl should have to endure. Basketball is an outlet for her. Recently at half-time of a game, she stopped me and said, “Coach, will you pray with me? I’m just so angry…” My mind went straight to, “I can’t pray right now, we have a 2nd half to play!” But I stopped, I prayed with her and now we have an open conversation going about God, one that I hope ends with her making a decision to follow Christ.

I wish that I could say that at every intersection in my life, I have chosen to make a turn and share Christ’s love with someone in need. But I can’t. What I can say, is that I am now recognizing these intersections as crucial in winning the lost and hope that there are more turns in my life in the days to come.


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