tea. basketball. snow.

Isabelle's Tea Party

Making sachet's for their panty drawers...

Birthday girl...

pinky up...

Anabelle’s dear friend Isabelle (together known as “The Belle’s”) celebrated her  3rd birthday with a full-out tea party. Cream, sugar, tea, cupcakes…they had it all! They even made adorable sachet’s to keep their panty drawers smelling great : )





In February, my brothers’ teams played each other at Pitt State which meant we got to see both of them coach at the same time…against each other. The Northwest Bearcats beat the Gorillas in a great game, which means the little brother beat the big brother…but of course there were no hard feelings : ) We enjoyed seeing family at the game!

Brother Coaches...

My grandparents were honored as Fans of the Game...


Uncle Tom and Mya

















We also enjoyed out one day of snow this year with about 15 minutes of play…my girls did not enjoy getting cold. I’m beginning to think the only reason they wanted to go outside was to get hot chocolate. If so, pretty smart idea if you ask me because it worked!

All bundled up!

red sled.


catching some snowflakes


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