The Leapyear Project

James and I have a friend named Victor. He had this crazy idea to use the leap year as a way to inspire people to take a leap into something they’ve always wanted to do, something that will change the world, something that will change themselves. To say that Victor is a visionary is an understatement. The guy has done his research, he has the right motives, and his heart is real. I am excited to share The Leapyear Project with you.

The Leapyear Project from Victor Saad on Vimeo.

“Maybe there is something you feel compelled to do to change your life, your community, or your world for the better and you’re simply waiting for the right time….what leap will you take?”

So what is my 2012 Leap? Check it out here

If you want to take a Leap this year (big or small) browse through some of the Leaps already taken on the website and come up with your own. Once you decide, record your Leap at and join the others who are leaping into change this year. Why not make Leap Day a day where you commit to making a change in yourself, your community, and your world?



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