The Night I Tore My ACL…

1:41am – Pitch black, all four Copeland’s are asleep…

Me: OHHHHH my goodness…OUUUUCH! My knee…my knee…

James: What in the world?!?!?!

Me: I’m not joking something just happened to my knee.

James: What…(snore)…happened…(snore)?

Me: I turned over and something went pop in my knee…I can’t move it.  It hurrrrrrts…

James: I’m sorry. What do you need?

Me: I need to go to urgent care.

James: Urgent care isn’t open…that’s why they have emergency rooms.

Me: Oh, well I’ll go in the morning then. I seriously think I just tore my ACL.

James: In bed?

Me: Yes….don’t tell anyone.

James: Do you want some Tylenol?

Me: I guess so…OWWWWWWW!!!!

James: (hands me Advil and water)

Me: This is Nyquil James, I’m not taking Nyquil.

James: Abi, just take it, it’s Advil trust me.

Me: Ok, if you say so…

James: Wake me up if you need anything….(snore)


I then spent the next hour on the Internet Googling the following subjects:
-sudden knee pain
-ACL tear symptoms
-knee pain out of nowhere
-I tore my ACL in bed… (which resulted in very awkward stories…)


7:00am…after we both fell back asleep

James: How does your knee feel?

Me: I’m not sure…better I think…

James: Why don’t you get up and try to walk.

Me: Ok…(gets up and walks)…it doesn’t hurt at all.

James: That is weird…what just happened?

Me: I have no idea….but I was positive I tore my ACL it hurt so badly…


True story. This happened and it happened to me.  I know that I am a deep sleeper and I have woken up before thinking there was a bug crawling on my leg, a person in our house, or a mouse in my sleeping bag (in Africa…long story). But, this beats them all…I literally had pain in my knee but now it is gone. I have NO idea. All this to say, my poor husband…little did he know on the day he said “I Do”…”in sickness and in health”…he was signing up for a crazy, weirdo, bed-buddy who wakes up out of a cold sleep thinking she tore her ACL.

You can laugh it’s ok. I am laughing too. So is James. Here is our conversation via text message later that morning:



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