lessons learned…

My husband just recently returned from a 16 day trip to Africa. We are so amazed that the Lord continues to allow us to be a part of what He is doing globally and hope that we always are connected to this community in West Africa.

Now for honesty: it was a long 16 days without him here. For those of you who do the mommy thing by yourself(single moms, military wives, ect.)…major props to you. I thought I’d share a few things I discovered or was reminded of while he was gone:

1. Sleeping with a 3 year old is tiring.

2. Keeping track of money is annoying.

3. Changing light bulbs is not that difficult.

4. Skype is wonderful.

5. My 3 year old is a blanket hoarder.

6. I have incredible parents and parents-in-law who helped tremendously!!

7. My 3 year old is a sleep fighter. (She doesn’t fight sleep…she fights IN her sleep.)

8. Filling the car with gas in the cold is lame.

9. Bedtime is easier with four hands instead of two.

10. Daddy’s arms are sometimes all that will help…

11. A princess is lost without a prince to sweep her off of her feet.

12. You CAN have too much of The Nutcracker in your life. Seriously. Trust me. TOO MUCH.

13. Birthdays are pretty dull without your best friend to celebrate with.

14. Sleeping with a 3 year old is tiring. (Wait, did I already say that? I am so tired…)

I hope to post more specifics about his trip soon, but for now that’s what I have from the last 16(ish) days.

Enjoy your Thursday : )…and this:


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