Christmas…done. We had such an amazing Christmas this year…spent tons of time with family (which is my favorite) and enjoyed every minute of it. We basically had 5 Christmases, 5 days in a row. That’s what happens when family lives close! Although were were exhausted by the end, we are grateful that we have the chance to see all of our family and spend time with each clan.

I did a homemade Christmas this year…all ideas I stole from Pinterest. Here are a few pictures of some of my projects.

Dress-Up Closet for the girls

Discovering their dress-up paradise

Silhouettes of the girls for Grandparents

Chalkboard Mugs

Journal Boxes

Another Journal Box













Impressive right?? Well…maybe not, but I absolutely enjoyed the projects and they were all well received.

Here are some other random pictures from our Christmas 2012 adventure:


Totally into presents...

With Cousins Cole and Kylie

Cousin Sophie helping Anabelle figure out her new Fur Real pet

Mya admiring her new baby doll

Nonna and Papa and the grandkids

Notice the Pitt State wrapping paper...wonder who this is from?!?

Uncle Tom and the girls on their new Dora couch







































happy family


Happy Birthday Jesus!

Merry Christmas!

Cheesy Christmas smile

Our best attempt at a family Christmas picture

Daddy's girls

Totally absorbed in the Nutcracker at Grandma Pat's house

Awesome busy board made by Aunt Shelby

Listening to the Christmas story


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