busy. busy. busy.

The Copeland’s had a busy weekend. Well at least one Copeland 3 year old did. I think I’m going to have to get her own little pocket book to keep track of her social agenda….

Saturday Grammie picked Anabelle up from my basketball practice to attend The Nutcracker at Springfield Little Theater. Anabelle is completely in love with anything involving ballerinas so this was like a dream come true! We had prepared her for the event with a 24 day Nutcracker advent book so she knew the story going into it. (My mom thinks of everything!) She dressed up in her fancy new outfit (from Grandmo) and met her dear friends Dot and Elle for lunch before heading to the theater.

Dot and Anabelle at the Aviary downtown Springfield

Anabelle and Elle eating grilled cheese sandwiches









They headed to the theater and waited patiently outside…

The girls waiting to go inside for The Nutcracker

Future Sugar Plum Fairy











Grammie reported that Anabelle did not move a muscle (except for the occasional question or comment) the entire performance. When the Sugar Plum Fairy made her appearance she said, “Oh my she is so, so beautiful…” Is that not precious??? Her favorite part was the ballerinas (all of them) and her least favorite part was the Mouse King and when Fritz throws the Nutcracker down. She also was concerned for the one little snowflake that fell during the performance…can was say compassionate child???

Here are a few aftershow pictures….

Grammie and Anabelle

After the show...aren't they adorable???

The grandma's and granddaughters












After the Nutcracker we took Anabelle caroling with the students from church and she had a ball. She sang loud, socialized with just about everyone, and by the end of the night was EXHAUSTED!










A little video. She is a natural caroler…


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