Three Years Old.

Dear Anabelle,

Three years ago today my world changed. A little baby entered the world, turned it upside down, and immediately brought joy to my heart. It seems impossible that you are THREE! I am so thankful to be your mommy, to have the blessing of teaching you, loving you, enjoying you, and watching you bloom into all that God has created you to be. For memory’s sake here are things about Anabelle, the three year old:

Favorite Food: Macaroni and Cheese and Ice Cream!

Favorite Drink: Milk

Favorite Doll: Sarah, your new American Girl Bitty Baby

Favorite Book: Pinkalicious and Little Critter Books

Favorite Activity at Home: Packing up three or four purses full of stuff and going to “the store”

Favorite Songs: Do-Re-Mi (Sound of Music) and your “Original” songs narrating whatever you are doing

You Love: Your friends, Church, Ballerinas, Birthday Parties, Reading Books, Brushing your teeth, Organizing (people or things), Singing, Everything Princess, Madeline, Twirling, Playing outside, and Desserts

You Dislike: Dirty hands, Fixing your hair, Taking pictures, Green Beans, and Being Cold

My how you have grown up over the past year. You are such a joy to anyone you meet, and could talk for hours if you wanted to! You are one special little girl, and God has great plans for your life. I love you Princess…always and forever!



3 thoughts on “Three Years Old.

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUMPKIN PIE!! You are a delight to my heart, grow up strong in all that is true and good. Your Grammie

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