“I want to Santa to sit by me…”

This is what Anabelle said to her Grammie on Friday night as we were getting ready for Breakfast with Santa the next day. Makes sense doesn’t it? Normally when she has breakfast with someone, they sit by her and they chat. In her mind, breakfast with Santa happened this way…

On Saturday morning we woke up early, got the girls dressed and went to the Battlefield Mall for Breakfast with Santa (and friends). Few times have I seen Anabelle as intrigued, focused, and absolutely in awe. Not only did Santa make an appearance, but a few from the Nutcracker cast came and danced. SHE WAS IN HEAVEN! Not only that, but she went on stage and danced with the ballerinas…did I mention SHE WAS IN HEAVEN?????

Pictures to prove it:

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One thought on ““I want to Santa to sit by me…”

  1. That is precious!! Please get those girls in ballet! I will come to every recital they are in. And, fun fact– The girl who is the Sugar Plum Fairy, she’s in my biology class! Super sweet girl.

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