in the corner.

I read a post by Jon Acuff last week that talked about being honest as a blogger. Sharing successes is fun, and fairly easy. But sharing those times that I mess up…not so easy. I messed up on Sunday and I want to tell you about it.

I have the pleasure of co-leading a girls small group on Sunday mornings at our church. Nothing better than hanging out with 10th grade girls every Sunday morning : ) On a normal morning we have a large group time which James leads (including silly videos) then we break up into our small groups for the lesson and discussion. Well, this week we changed it up and the entire morning was large group time. At one point the students were asked to get into groups for a trivia game. Sounds easy and harmless right?

I watched as one of the teenagers looked for a group to join, but no one asked her to be in their group. She attempted to join a group at one point but was immediately told they had no room. I sat there and watched it happen. She stood alone, looking for a place to fit in, and came up short. She walked over picked up her purse and went to the back of the room, in the corner, and sat by herself.

What did I do? Nothing. I thought about going back there and talking to her, finding her a group. Instead I sat and ignored it as best as I could. It would have been uncomfortable for me. What if she preferred to be alone? Maybe she liked sitting by herself…in the…um…corner. Way to go Abi, convince yourself it’s ok for people to be ignored.

What do I wish I would have done? It’s simple. Walk back, talk to her, invite her up to join a group, tell her she’s important. Step outside of what makes me comfortable and put her before myself.

Isn’t it easy to get caught up in our own little world? We talk to the same people at church every Sunday. We ask the same people to lunch every Sunday after church. As a coach, I tend to gravitate towards certain players, possibly ignoring the ones that actually need my influence and help. We find our group and we shut every one else out, tell them we have no room.

So there ya have it…I hope my honestly brings change. Look around. Is there someone sitting in the corner where you work? At your school? At your church? Invite them in. Show them love. Change the norm.


5 thoughts on “in the corner.

  1. My heart is broken for that young lady…will she return??? Please connect her in someway asap!!

    • Yes she is a regular so I’m sure she’ll be back…I did connect with her at the end of the morning…just wish I would have stepped up sooner!

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