it’s simple.

Two year olds have a way of making you think don’t they? On Sunday, Anabelle and I took a random trip to Branson to exchange a pair of shoes that my parents got her that were too small. (She’s wearing a 10.5 by the way!) I enjoy the few moments that she and I can spend together just the two of us.

On the way home, I heard her say, “God, you sit there.” I asked her who she was talking to, and she replied, “God. I saved a seat for him right by me.” The rest of the converstaion went like this:

Me: Did you know you can save God a seat in your heart?
Anabelle: What???
Me: One day you can ask God to come into your heart and He will forgive you and when you die someday you’ll be in heaven with Him. (I know probably a little too deep for her 2 year old brain)
Anabelle: But, why?
Me: Jesus died on the cross for us, so we can be with Him in heaven someday.
Anabelle: Why did Jesus die?
Me: Because He loves us. He died for all the bad things we have done and will do someday.
Anabelle: I’m going to say to God, “God, come in my heart, I don’t want to do bad things anymore.”

Now, obviously my two year old is no theologian, but I believe she is beginning to understand. I believe this is where “faith like a child” comes into play. In her mind it is simply, believe in God and be saved. It is as simple as saving a seat for God, in our lives, in our family, in everything.

I don’t know about you but this challenged me. I complicate my faith sometimes. Some may call it legalism. I call it doubt. I doubt that God will provide, even though we have never gone without. I worry over things that He is in control of. I seek the counsel of man over the Conselor, because I’m afraid the answer He gives will be uncomfortable or hard. I attempt to create a solution without allowing the Solution in. These are my doubts, we all have them, and they clutter up our faith.

Let go of your doubts, save a seat for God in your life, and live in the freedom that comes from a simple faith.


One thought on “it’s simple.

  1. Everyone needs this simple message…I love the imagery of Anabelle saving a seat for God right beside her.

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