Real Life: two year old conversations…

Yesterday on the way to church…

Anabelle: Oh man Mommy, who chalked the ground? 
Me: What?!?!
Anabelle: Who chalked up the road? 
Me: What in the world are you talking about? 
Anabelle: There’s white chalk and yellow chalk…squares and lines…what were they thinking? 
Me: Oh, you mean the lines on the road? That’s not chalk, that’s paint. 
Anabelle: Oh…that’s silly…they chalked up the road…(chuckles to herself) 

Another day on the way to church…

Me: What was that noise? Anabelle please say excuse me. 
Anabelle: um…that was a motorcycle Mommy. 
Me: Anabelle that was not a motorcycle…that was you. 
Anabelle: It was a motorcycle…in my seat…
Me: Anabelle say, “excuse me.” 
Anabelle: Excuse me motorcycle. 

On our way home from church…

Me: What did you do at church tonight? 
Anabelle: We played…me and Penelope and Khloe are best friends forever. 
Me: But you’re friends with everyone right? 
Anabelle: Yep, the girls are my girlfriends and the boys are my boyfriends. I have lots of boyfriends. 

For real. These are all true. No exaggeration. The scary thing is that in just a few short months her little sister is going to be a talker too…


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