days like these…

Have you had one of those moments lately where you say to yourself:

“Self, remember this moment forever. Seriously, don’t forget it. This is what life is all about…”

I had one of those moments on Saturday. We had no plans (very rare) and so Daddy Copeland decided we should something fun with the girls. We looked into going to a pumpkin patch, but didn’t really want to drive all the way into Springfield so instead we packed a picnic, went to the Ozark park, bought two small pumpkins at a greenhouse, and painted them at home later that day. So simple, SUPER inexpensive, and a day that I want to remember forever. The giggles, the mess, the sheer excitement of being outside, all of it was a family memory I want to cherish forever.

Pictures to prove it:

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One thought on “days like these…

  1. I have moments like this with my daughter all the time 🙂 Sometimes I think to myself, “Wow! I am so blessed that I get to share these moments with her!” Great pictures!

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