duct tape fixes everything.

Injury update: Had an appointment Monday a Sports Medicine PT this morning and it has been decided that I have a stress injury to my peroneal tendons in my right foot. (aka the tendons on the outside of my foot/ankle) In his expert opinion this means that further stress will lead to a tendon tear (surgery required), tendon subluxation (surgery required), or a stress fracture (6-8 week in a cast or boot). Bad news. My marathon will have to wait. The guy was super nice even though he knew he was the bearer of bad news. He even said, “well at least you ran 20 miles…that’s close to 26.2.” I appreciated his attempt at encouragement…

I left the Meyer Center super bummed with appointments for further PT, some stretching exercises, an insole in my shoe, and duct tape on my foot. No, seriously…duct tape. The entire underside of my foot is duct taped in an attempt at providing me super arch support and to help my tendons heal. For the next several weeks, I will be duct taped in hopes of a speedy recovery to get back out on the road again. Who would have thought?

It is true: duct tape fixes everything. Even my wonky foot…


2 thoughts on “duct tape fixes everything.

  1. oh no!!! I didn’t know you were training for a marathon. I can’t imagine being so close and hearing that news 😦

    Praying for a speedy recovery so you can log a marathon in the books.

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