Real Life: “I can talk too…”

So my girls are both at stages that I absolutely love right now. Mya is starting to try to repeat words that we say, trying to find her own voice in a world where her big sister seems to talk enough for both of them. The poor child can’t get a word in with Anabelle the chatterbox talking non-stop all day. When she does talk it’s usually rather loud, I blame this on the fact that in order for anyone to hear her, she has to yell over her sister’s singing/talking/songwriting/storytelling/questions/noise (call it what you want).

Because I realized that I write about Anabelle more than Mya, I thought I’d attempt to write a post about Mya in order to even the score…

Mya’s Current List of Words:

1. Da-Da (her favorite, Daddy)

2. Ba-Ba (Belle-Belle, Anabelle)

3. Uhhhh-p (up)

4. Aaaah-pa (apple)

5. Ma-Ma (practically have to beg this one out of her, Mommy)

6. Pa-Pa (used for both Papa and Poppie)

7. Ite (white)

8. ruuu-ruuu (her answer to the question: What does a dog say?)

This is what we’ve heard so far. She has started babbling quite a bit but it is all unrecognizable, well at least to her parents. Anabelle is convinced that she speaks “Mya-ese” and can understand everything she says. Funny how it always has to do with Mya giving Anabelle a toy or some of her food…hmmm…

Anyway, enjoy a video of StoryTime with Mya:

Ok I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t leave Anabelle out of this post. Here are two of the latest Anabellisms:

Her Version of the Lord’s Prayer:

—“Our Father in heaven, otter be your name…yours is the Kingdom and the glory, and the flower, forever.”—

—Her Papa had a baptism here at School to the Nations on Sunday night during the college group. Later that night Anabelle asked me, “Mommy, what does “bathtised” mean? Why did that girl take a bathtise?”

Love my daughters to the core : )


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