30. Years. Old.

Happy Birthday to the love of my life!

In honor of James’ 30th birthday, here are 30 things I love about him:

1. His love for Jesus.
2. His love for me.
3. His love for our girls.
4. His desire to serve God in everything.
5. His leadership in our home.
6. He pays the bills…literally. I don’t know how.
7. Great cook.
8. Sweet beard. (most of the time)
9. His dedication to running.
10. He thinks I’m funny. (or he’s really good at faking it)
11. Great music taste.
12. Talented musician.
13. Incredible work ethic.
14. Values family…not just me and the girls but ALL of our family.
15. Have I mentioned he’s a stud?
16. Takes my glasses off when I fall asleep with them on…
17. His patience with the girls
18. His MacGyver skills
19. He’d do ANYTHING for me…and ice cream.
20. Okay with riding roller coasters alone. (I don’t ride)
21. Puts up with my emo self…
22. His consistency.
23. His passion for missions.
24. His dance moves.
25. His obsession and gentleness with dogs.
26. He has no interest in video games.
27. Takes care of me when I am sick.
28. Plays with princesses. (not by himself of course…with the girls)
29. Can play the piano by ear…makes. me. sick.
30. I love that he is turning 30 before me.

Love you James. Happy 30th…you’re not in your 20s anymore.

And for those of you wondering about #25…it’s not true.


4 thoughts on “30. Years. Old.

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  2. Funny how similar that sounds to the things I love about my husband. How awesome to see what men can become when they chase hard after Christ! And, it’s clear that James does that. Happy Birthday James, and blessings to your wonderful family whom I adore.

    • You are so right! We did the whole “finding a husband” thing right didn’t we? miss you guys! let’s get together soon : )

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