No don’t worry, this isn’t a post about my husband. However I could write forever about how amazing he is…

I’m talking about James, the book in the Bible. Our church is in the middle of a sixteen-week study of the entire book of James. Every small group, adults and students, is studying it and the pastor’s are preaching it. I LOVE it! Yes, I am a nerd and enjoy in-depth studies. (I hope that makes my Mom proud!)

Talk about being challenged. Here are 5 ideas that have challenged the way I live so far: (we are only in chapter 2!)

1. Consider it joy when you encounter a trial.

2. God doesn’t tempt me, my own evil desires do.

3. EVERY good thing comes from God.

4. My religion is worthless if I do not control my tongue.

5. Show no favoritism.

Talk about life changing stuff. I am learning to take each of these ideas and apply them to my life. My thoughts are changing, my reactions to stressful situations are changing, my compassion for other people is changing.

Pastor Andy shared a quote a few weeks back and I LOVED it. I’m not sure where it came from but it made me stop and think: “When the child of God looks into the Word of God, and sees the Son of God he is transformed by the Spirit of God and can share the Glory of God.”  Exactly what is happening in my life right now, and I’m so thankful for it!

P.S. I was looking for an image for this post and typed “James” into Google Images. Funny results. You should try it.


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