Real Life: two year old (and bears)

Dreams must be so confusing for a toddler. I mean think about it. How do you explain to a two year old that when she sleeps her subconscious is playing out events, which appear as dreams and that, although they seem real, they are in fact NOT real? Any takers on explaining that one? No? I didn’t think so.

We are beginning to see quite the vivid imagination sprout up in our two year old. She has entered into that stage where she talks to everything like it is a breathing, living being.  A few weeks ago she asked me to tickle her leg’s chin. Here is how it went:

James was driving and I was in the passenger seat talking and playing with the girls.

 Anabelle: Mommy, tickle my leg!
Me: Ok. (reached back and tickled her leg)
Anabelle: Now, tickle its’ chin.
Me: What? Whose chin?
Anabelle: (pointing to her knee) Leg’s chin…tickle Leg’s chin!

 Catch what I am saying? The girl thinks everything is real. She thinks her leg has a chin…the knee. It makes sense right? We thought so.

Ok so back from my rabbit trail. Anabelle has had some pretty vivid dreams lately. She has woken a few times in tears unable to calm herself down, scared that there are bears in our house or in our yard.  Where did she get that idea? We regulate her television/movie intake pretty closely.  We talk to her about what is real and what is not real. Yet in her mind, those bears are waiting for her outside. She once had a dream that bears were jumping on her trampoline and going down her slide. (I see that more as funny not scary, but it was terrifying to her)  How can I protect my little girl from thoughts that keep her from sleep and steal her peace? There is one answer, God’s Word.

When these night terrors occur we have started reciting, Psalm 56:3-4, “When I am afraid, I put my trust in You, in God whose Word I praise.” I cannot keep her imagination from creating scenes that are frightening. I cannot control her thoughts to think only nice, pleasant things. I cannot even explain to her what dreams really are. But, I CAN pray. I CAN read scripture over her. I CAN teach her that God will protect her when she is afraid. I CAN trust God.  Seems like the only option. Our kids are His. We can trust that He will protect His children.




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