international hospitality.

Four weeks ago we had 300 international college students in our front yard. It was pretty incredible. China. Japan. Pakistan. Ethiopia. Kenya. Malaysia. Just a some of the countries represented among the hundreds of MSU students who attended International Day 2011. In 5th grade I was super involved in Girls in Action (GA’s) at my church. It was focused on missions and this is where I first remember seeing the deep need for Christ around the world. If you would have told me then that someday 300 international students would gather in my front yard, I probably would have replied, “yeah, right.”

Even though the purpose of International Day is to simply welcome the nations of the world to Missouri, God’s message of hope and love was at the heart. In the conversations, the generosity, the smiles, and the friendships that were formed, my prayer was that the students would see that above all else. No words necessary.

For those of you who missed the post which included the link to the newspaper article that our local newspaper ran, you can read it here.

Here is the video that the School to the Nations tech team did. The super talented Matt Douglas did a great job portraying the event. (Not to mention my daughter is in it…which makes me love it even more!)


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