camping anniversary.

We celebrated four years of marriage in August. James decided to take over planning our celebration and had some trouble deciding what to do so he gave me two options. Option A: bed & breakfast or Option B: go camping. Crazy enough I choose option B. Although I consider myself an “outdoorsy” person, I have never been camping in the true sense. Sure, I’ve slept in a tent, however I can’t call sleeping in a tent in a living room true camping can I? Didn’t think so…

We chose to go to Johnson’s Shut-Ins State in Southeast Missouri and were so glad we did! We had a blast camping out and exploring a couple of different state parks just the two of us. Enjoyed every second of it!

our campsite

celebrating 4 years : )









my manly husband building a fire

he likes when I take pictures of him









the shut-ins: a natural-made water park

Elephant Rocks State Park









can you see James? these were BIG rocks...

God's creation is incredible









chocolate bacon. gross. 'nuff said.


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