A to Z about me

Since I was tagged I guess I’ll participate! A little about me….

{a} age :: 26
{b} bed size :: Queen
{c} chore you hate :: Putting away the laundry…I will let folded clothes sit for days in the basket.
{d} dogs :: None
{e} essential start to your day :: I have no routine. No essentials. Just wake up and decide then what I will do.
{f} favorite color :: Purple
{g} gold or silver :: Silver
{h} height :: 5’7
{i} instruments you play :: Piano, djembe, guitar (a little), and children’s instruments.
{j} job title :: mom and basketball coach
{k} kids :: Anabelle (2) and Mya (1)
{l} live :: Missouri
{m} maiden name :: Brock
{n} nicknames :: Abi, Abi-girl, Abs, Mommy,
{o} overnight hospital stays :: 2 babies (one natural and one c-section)
{p} pet peeve :: grinding teeth and off-beat clapping
{q} quote :: favorite from today: “Mya, don’t put your hand in the toilet…” -Anabelle
{r} righty or lefty :: Righty
{s} siblings :: Matt (29) and Tomas (23)
{t} time you wake up :: 7:00ish on my non-running days… 6:15ish on running days
{u} university attended :: Evangel University
{v} vegetables you dislike :: I like them all
{w} what makes you run late :: Am I bad mom if I blame it on my children??
{x} x-rays you’ve had :: Teeth, jaw, neck, back, hand, wrist, and knee
{y} yummy food :: pasta and ice cream
{z} zoo animal favorite :: Penguins


One thought on “A to Z about me

  1. Geesh! You’re tall! I really like this. I’ll be posting mine on Friday. hope you check it out(:

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