My Dad is intense. Intense and passionate. He is a coach and pours all he can into developing basketball players and leaders. When I think of the hundreds of young men he has coached over the past 20+ years, I wonder how many of them would claim him as a role model. I think the majority of them would at least say he impacted them in some way. People say that coaches are key contributors to developing the next generation and I am proud to say that my Dad is one that is making a difference. His players know where he stands. On the court and in His faith.

Today is my Dad’s birthday. Last year I forgot to wish him happy birthday on his actual birthday. (still kicking myself for that one!) You better believe I am not letting that happen again! To say that I have an incredible Dad would be an understatement. I read Bringing Up Girls by Dr. Dobson and was reminded of the importance of a father in a girls’ life. To sum it up: a little girl needs her Daddy. Not just little girls though, a big girl needs her Daddy too. I am blessed to have a Dad who thinks I could hang the moon. Which, by the way, I could do…all I need is a rocket.

After growing up as a coach’s kid, I never thought I’d want to be a coach myself, but here I am in my third year. Why? Maybe it’s for the extra income. Maybe it’s just something I enjoy doing. Or maybe deep down I want to be a role model like my dad has been. I want the girls I coach to come back someday and say that what I said or did made a difference.

So, happy birthday to my Dad. I know he won’t read this (blogging isn’t really his thing) but let it be said that if my blog is about all things that matter most to me, he is at the top of the list!


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